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Rent Arrears Support

Here at Tasker Payment Services, we regularly help customers who have fallen into rent arrears by helping them to get back on track.

Often, tenants fail to pay a top up and get behind. This then snowballs and the tenant finds it very difficult to get up to date.   Others may have had a personal emergency and used an amount of money put aside for rent for that, and fallen behind as a result.

As with all debt matters it is very easy for people to hide away and ignore the problem.

Rather than the costly and time consuming process of an evicting an otherwise good tenant, landlords and tenants can contact us to set up a mutually convenient way of clearing these arrears.

Below are some examples of how this can be done.

Example 1:

  • Customer was £650 in arrears that arose before becoming a TPS customer for their housing benefit.
  • They contacted TPS and arranged for their weekly tax credits of £248 to be paid into their account with us.
  • We send £130 of this to the landlord, deducting a £2 fee.
  • We then put the remaining tax credits into the customer’s account by 9am the same day.

Example 2 :

  • Customer was £180 behind with their rent top up payments.
  • They had their ESA of £280 paid into their TPS account every fortnight.
  • We paid the top up of £30, plus an additional £15 towards the arrears to their landlord, putting the remainder of their ESA into their bank account.


There are many more customers like these who are working with us and the landlord to clear their arrears. This is helping customers take control of their finances and many say this gives them a satisfaction as they are no longer worrying about how to get out of the cycle of rent arrears. It also helps people to avoid going to loan sharks during these difficult times.

For tailored services like these we charge £2 per transaction, deducted from the amount sent to the landlord. An awful lot cheaper and much less hassle than evicting the tenant and finding a new one!

If you would like further information about this service, you can download the “Other Benefits and Payments” form or contact us now.

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