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Landlords & Letting Agents

Tasker Payment Services provide a service very similar to Credit Union budget accounts.

With Local Housing Allowance being paid direct to the tenant in most cases rent is at risk of being eaten up by overdrafts and charges with mainstream bank accounts.

Tasker Payment Services receive LHA every fortnight or four weeks (depending on the council’s payment schedule) and send it straight to the landlord or agent the same day, usually by 9am.

We deduct a £4 transaction fee from each outgoing transaction.

There are no other hidden charges such as sign up fees.

We have built fantastic relationships with over 50 UK Local Authorities along with other organisations and charities since 2010.

We really are experts at what we do!


  • Rent is sent to you by faster payment the same day it arrives without delay
  • Cost effective at £4 per transaction
  • Tenants no longer spend rent money on other things
  • Takes away the hassle of overpayment challenges
  • Overcomes Universal credit issues
  • Early warnings of tenants absconding or suspensions of housing benefit
  • Claims are often processed much faster
  • No waiting 8 weeks for direct payment
  • Using TPS has shown to result in more sustainable tenancies
  • No need to use several different Credit Unions due to the area constraints of a common bond

How It Works In Practice

The sign up process is fast and easy;

Tenant completes customer consent form
Landlord to complete the payee form
Tenant initials the T&C’s
Provide the required ID
Send an Email to us here to receive account details by reply within a few minutes.

See our “Sign Up Help & Useful Tools” section for helpful videos and printable PDF’s.


We cover areas the length and breadth of the UK. For further details get in touch.





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