Tasker Payment Services

Tasker Payment Services offer a unique service to people who may find budgeting their money tough.
This service benefits landlords renting to this type of tenant as it has been proven to drastically reduce rent arrears, therefore helping to prevent homelessness.

With years of experience in our field we have built valuable relationships with councils and other organisations all over the UK, including Scotland.

We are fully FCA registered and can be found on the payment service providers register, giving you peace of mind that payments are dealt with safely, securely and with a speed and efficiency that is unrivalled.


  • Tasker Payment Services has helped me to clear the arrears I was in, using my DLA payment. My remaining money was in my account every four weeks by 9am.

  • It’s so easy to spend my housing benefit if an emergency comes up. I’m grateful not to have to think about it

  • I feel more secure knowing that I’m not going to get into trouble with my rent.

  • Lightning fast service… It never fails to amaze me how efficient the service is.

  • This is our first tenant on our new and improved HB system and it seems the process has sped up considerably, don’t think Manchester Council have ever beaten us on speed before.

  • The service to date is second to none, it’s a pleasure to work with a professional firm like Tasker.

  • Really happy, really easy to set up and payments arrive on time.

  • Tasker provide an excellent and cheap service for any landlord wishing to take a step into the DSS housing market. It offers a safety net regarding the payments and ensures the landlords money is paid first.

  • You  have  been extremely efficient in all of our dealings, especially
 as you had never dealt with my council before.